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Child Support in Dayton, Ohio

Changes in Ohio’s economy mirror the wider-scale recession currently being experienced in households across the country. For spouses facing divorce, the financial and emotional impact of maintaining child support payments has become increasingly difficult. Some parents fail to meet their court-ordered economic obligations, not as a matter of choice, but of circumstance. Unlike deadbeat dads, who neglect their responsibilities intentionally, parents caught in the downward financial spiral of our times may fall behind on child support payments as a result of job loss or other unforeseen circumstances. Deadbeats have the means, but choose not to pay, while some parents with intent to pay may simply lack the ability to do so. Regardless of the cause, consequences for defaulting on child support payments in Ohio are serious and can include:

  • Garnishing of paychecks
  • Denial of passport distribution
  • Interception of unemployment compensation
  • Interference with receipt of state and federal income tax refunds
  • The enforcement of jail time

If you need help with making child support payments in Dayton, the family lawyers at Fox & Associates Co., L.P.A. can help.

Recent changes in Ohio’s child support laws

In cases where the parent simply does not have the money to make child support payments, the debt may need to be adjusted to reflect the currently reduced earnings of the individual. The Associated Press reports that as of September 25, 2011, residents of Ohio who make at least half of their court−ordered child support payments no longer face suspension of their driver’s or professional license. Such a law change may help single parents who are willing, but unable, to pay, by promoting ongoing employment, rather than placing the worker at risk for job loss. Dayton, Ohio’s child support attorneys have advocated for parents determined to make child support payments in other ways as well, by assisting clients seeking work through job placement programs.

Ohio’s ongoing advocacy of child support

Current Ohio laws provide the following supportive measures where child support is concerned:

  • Reasonable and affordable health insurance is to be included in child support payments.
  • Child support is completely separate from visitations in the eyes of the law.
  • The court may order either or both parents to support their children, without regard to marital misconduct.

Dayton child support attorneys advocate for your unique child support circumstances

Your child custody and support case deserves the direct attention and benefit of experience that the attorneys at Fox & Associates Co., L.P.A. have to offer. Our lawyers provide compassionate counsel to clients in Dayton and throughout Ohio. To schedule a consultation, please contact us today by phone at 937-258-3668 or online.


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