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Stalking is often invoked as a joke, but it is a real intimidation tactic aimed at threatening someone’s safety. In Ohio, stalking is a present threat which can not only be considered domestic violence but also result in a restraining order. If you or your family members may be victims of stalking, discuss your options with a Dayton restraining order lawyer at Fox & Associates Co., L.P.A.

Our attorneys can quickly act to help secure an order of protection that legally prevents an abuser from further aggression. Discover how getting a restraining order during a divorce or family law case can ease your mind in an initial consultation.

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What Is Stalking?

Stalking includes actions such as repeated phone calls, showing up at someone’s work, or vandalizing their property. In family law, stalking is most often associated with domestic violence. When someone believes that they are being stalked, a restraining order can be filed only with a judge. Having a lawyer by your side can make this process easier and more efficient.

It is prohibited, under Ohio law, to:

  • Engage in a pattern of behavior that makes someone fear physical harm or suffer mental distress.
  • Utilize electronic methods to message others and urge them to engage in a pattern of physically harmful or mentally distressing behavior.

Types of Restraining Orders in Ohio

A restraining order, also known as a protection order, directs the behavior of one person under the risk of legal consequences. Many restraining orders are issued in family law cases when one spouse has become abusive towards the other, and it oftentimes remains in effect until the case is resolved. Anyone in violation of a restraining order can additionally be charged with stalking.

The two main restraining orders that someone seeking protection can apply for include:

  • A Civil Protection Order (CPO): These are granted by a judge based on a preponderance of the evidence. These can include provisions, such as preventing child custody or counseling.
  • A Temporary Protection Order (TPO): Also known as a domestic violence criminal protection order, this is ordered in a criminal case and is granted for a shorter period of time. A TPO prohibits one person from contacting the other. However, it cannot contain orders for alimony or other family provisions.

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When you need a restraining order for stalking or another family law conflict, waste no time speaking with an attorney. Fox & Associates Co., L.P.A has worked with numerous clients that needed protection and helped to secure legal orders aimed at preventing harm. We are familiar with methods used to prove stalking, including electronic stalking, and how to utilize these for our clients’ protection. When you need a Dayton restraining order lawyer, consult with our team.

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