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Category Archives: Divorce

The Effects of Separate vs. Marital Property in Ohio

In some states, spouses’ property is classified as community property, which means it is all jointly owned. But in Ohio, as in many states, there is a legal distinction between separate and marital property. Below is a quick overview of how Ohio marital property laws work with regard to property classification and its effect on […]

Big Changes Regarding Spousal Support in Ohio

Ohioans who pay spousal support will see changes in their taxes in the coming years due to the new tax plan passed by congress and signed into law by President Donald Trump in December. The sweeping tax overhauls include an elimination of a tax deduction for spousal support payments that has been part of federal […]

Tips to Help Your Children Cope with Divorce

Divorce causes emotional strain on everyone involved, but it is often most difficult for children. Young people may be unable to fully grasp why the divorce is happening, and some may even believe they are to blame for their parents’ decision to separate. There will be a lot on your mind during your divorce, but […]

What Does the Typical Divorce Timeline Look Like?

Going through a divorce in Ohio or in any state can be an emotionally taxing process, especially if you are unfamiliar with the divorce court system and the various steps you’ll need to take. Understanding what happens allows you to be prepared and eliminate some of the uncertainties. The following is a quick overview of […]

The Most Common Financial Mistakes Made During Divorce

As you go through your divorce, you will need to make key decisions that could affect your long-term financial security. Unfortunately, many people set themselves up for failure by making preventable mistakes. Below are some of the most common financial errors Ohioans and others make during the divorce process — and how you can avoid […]

What You Should Know About Military Divorce

If you or your spouse is serving in the U.S. military, it’s important to know that the divorce process is a little different than it is for civilians. There are specific rules on matters such as the division of military pensions, residency requirements and legal protections. The following is important information about the military divorce […]

What You Need to Know About Divorce in Ohio

If you and your spouse are considering a divorce in Ohio, it’s important to understand all aspects of the process involved, including your legal rights and obligations. At the outset, the most important issue to address is your eligibility to obtain a divorce in Ohio. To file for divorce here, you or your spouse must […]

What an Incarcerated Parent Needs to Know About Child Support and Visitation

All parents have rights and obligations to their children, even a parent who is incarcerated. Although complications may arise, it is still possible for the parent-child relationship to survive a prison term. An incarcerated parent needs to understand key aspects of child support obligations and visitation that could affect their situation. Child support payments If […]

Five Steps to Making the Most of Single Fatherhood

There have been sweeping changes in recent years affecting divorced fathers and the time they spend with their children. Gone are the days of fathers seeing their children only on alternate weekends and vacations. In the last few decades, fathers have succeeded in securing increased involvement in parenting tasks after divorce, with shared decision-making over […]

How to Get a Protection Order in Ohio

Last year’s heart-wrenching murder of 38-year-old Candace Roberts by her ex-husband outside her apartment in Grove City is a gruesome example of how volatile a person can be. This scenario is unfortunately familiar to the American public. Domestic violence is a pervasive societal ill and tends to increase when the economy is weak. There are […]


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