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I Owe My Parents Money. Should I Pay Them Back Before Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
I Owe My Parents Money. Should I Pay Them Back Before Filing for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

When people fall on hard times, personally or financially, it is natural for them to turn to family members and friends for assistance. If you have borrowed money from any family members and end up filing for bankruptcy, you may be tempted to try to pay them back first. ...

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  • The Effects of Separate vs. Marital Property in Ohio

    Is Ohio a Community Property State? In some states, spouses’ property is classified as community property, which means it is all jointly owned. But in ...

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  • What Happens if I Transfer My Paid-in-Full Car to My Mother Before Filing for Bankruptcy?

    If you recently transferred property (especially valuable property) out of your name, you might wonder if you should hold off filing for bankruptcy . ...

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  • Consequences of Signing an Acknowledgement of Paternity at the Hospital

    What Is Acknowledgement of Paternity? Under Ohio law, if a married couple has a baby, the husband is automatically referred to as the legal father of ...

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  • Know Your Rights to Protect Yourself from Debt Collection Scams

    It’s an unfortunate reality that numerous debt collection scams are used to prey on unsuspecting victims across the United States. Under the Fair Debt ...

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  • Parenting Time Cannot Be Stopped for Nonpayment of Child Support

    It is understandable for parents to get frustrated and angry when a former partner falls behind on child support payments. However, a custodial parent ...

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  • Income Requirements to File for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

    You may be wondering how much debt you need to have in order to file bankruptcy in Ohio. If you are considering filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in ...

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  • Big Changes Regarding Spousal Support in Ohio

    Spousal Support in Ohio Ohioans who pay spousal support will see changes in their taxes in the coming years due to the new tax plan passed by Congress ...

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  • When Can You Discharge Taxes in a Bankruptcy Case?

    In the right circumstances, bankruptcy can be an effective means of managing and discharging your tax debt. However, determining which taxes can be ...

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  • Tax Consequences of Earned Income Tax Credit and Dependent Exemptions

    For divorced couples with children, it is important to understand the differences between the Earned Income Tax Credit and dependent exemptions. The ...

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