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How to Get a Protection Order in Ohio

How to Get a Protection Order in Ohio

Last year’s heart-wrenching murder of 38-year-old Candace Roberts by her ex-husband outside her apartment in Grove City is a gruesome example of how volatile a person can be. This scenario is unfortunately familiar to the American public. Domestic violence is a pervasive societal ill and tends to increase when the economy is weak. There are steps that you can take to protect yourself and your children from a violent or potentially violent partner or ex partner.

If there are criminal charges pending against your spouse or former spouse, you can ask for a temporary restraining order from the Court. This order will be good for as long as the criminal case is pending. Once the criminal case is done, the temporary restraining order will no longer be in effect.

You can ask for a Civil Protection order (CPO) if your ex spouse or current spouse is issuing threats of violence, , harms you physically in any way or harms you and or your children. You can also get a CPO against a partner if you are related by blood or marriage, you have lived together within the last 5 years, or you have children together.

If you do not meet the qualifications above, you may file for a Civil Stalking or Sexually Oriented Offense Protection Order (CSSOOPO). To qualify for a CSSOOPO, there must be two or more incidents closely related in time that put you in fear of serious physical harm unless the offense is sexual in nature. An order of protection requires the perpetrator to conform to a number of conditions, including:

  • Stopping the threatening, stalking or abusive behavior
  • Continuing to provide financial support
  • Providing victim with a vehicle if married
  • Seeking counseling
  • Staying away from the victim’s property, person, workplace or school
  • Any other specifics a judge chooses to stipulate as applies to the situation

No order of protection can completely protect you from violence. If you continue to receive threats and feel the law is not providing enough protection, ask your divorce attorney to assist you in relocating to a temporary shelter. Shelters provide safe, anonymous and temporary residential support for victims of domestic threats and violence.

You do not have to become a statistic. For assistance with orders of protection or relocating to a shelter, call the Dayton offices of Fox & Associates C.O., L.P.A. at (937) 204-1555 or contact us online.



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