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Job Market Expectations for Ohio

Job Market Expectations for Ohio

Since 2003, Ohio’s unemployment rate has been higher than the U.S. rate. The 2001 recession was reported to have had a greater and longer lasting impact on the Ohio job market than on other states across the nation.  In fact, Ohio did not have a chance to recover completely before the next recession started in December 2007. However, recent numbers indicate a decline in the unemployment rate over the last several months as the overall job market improves.

Reports from the Bureau of Labor show that the Ohio economy is projected to create nearly 250,000 new jobs through 2018 based on market information using the recent past as an indicator of what might happen over the next few years.   The number of jobs available in Ohio is expected to increase from 5.726 million in 2008 to 5.975 million by 2018. The service providing industries, which includes physicians, computer systems design, individual and family services, and home health care services will account for almost all of the jobs in Ohio. New jobs in the education and health services industries will make up 45% of these, with an expected growth of 50% during the projected period.

The list of high prospect occupations, which are occupations paying at least the median wage in Ohio ($15.30 an hour) and having at least 500 annual openings, include the following:

  • Truck drivers
  • Customer service representatives
  • Bookkeeping  and accounting  clerks
  • Maintenance and repair workers
  • Construction laborers
  • Firefighters
  • Carpenters
  • Electricians
  • Police officers
  • Sales representatives
  • Wholesale manufacturers

Employers in Ohio are expected to provide jobs for workers at all educational levels, but almost all of the highest paying jobs in the coming years will require formal training after high school.  These jobs are projected to grow by 9.8 percent compared with 2.1 percent for occupations not requiring this level of education. Ohio’s manufacturing industry has experienced downsizing, plant closings and restructuring, and as such manufacturing employment is projected to continue trending downward.

With so much uncertainty continuing to affect the job market in Ohio, struggling families may yet find themselves resorting to personal bankruptcy in order to get out from under overwhelming debt.



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