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Is it Time to Revise your Parenting Plan?

Is it Time to Revise your Parenting Plan?

When divorced parents create a parenting plan, it is important to include an arrangement for periodically reviewing and revising the plan. Children grow, and as they do their needs change. Likewise parents go through changes and transitions that require adjustments in their shared parenting schedules. A periodic revision of the plan keeps parents and children involved in each other’s lives in the most effective and appropriate ways possible.

Some aspects of a parenting plan that may require revision include:

Parenting time

When children move toward adolescence and become more social on weekends, dads might feel shortchanged in terms of time available for shared activities. Likewise, children who were infants or toddlers at the time of divorce soon develop readiness for sleepovers and longer vacations with one parent.


Parents often relocate for work, economic reasons or a new relationship. If the parent moves out of the State of Ohio with the child(ren) that parent must request permission from the Court, if the parents cannot agree. If parents share custody, the parent who desires to move more than 50 miles from the child’s primary residence may have to either receive permission from the other parent or petition the court. If a parent relocates, the shared parenting plan might need extensive revisions.

Supervised visitation

In some cases a parenting plan includes court-ordered supervised visitation. From time to time the conditions of the supervision need to change, and these changes must be reflected in the revised plan. If the circumstances change significantly, either parent can request that the supervision be terminated. Supervision is always governed by the court’s determination of the best interest of the child and can never be terminated by the child’s wishes alone.

Child support modification

Child support modification requests can be entered in court at any time either parent believes a modification is necessary. Either the supporting parent or the recipient parent can request a modification if their financial circumstances change.

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