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You Lost Your Job and Cannot Afford to Pay the Same Amount of Child Support – What Can Be Done?

You Lost Your Job and Cannot Afford to Pay the Same Amount of Child Support – What Can Be Done?

If you have been ordered to pay child support by an Ohio Court, and you have lost your job or been laid off, you can ask to review and adjust the order. In general, Ohio law entitles either parent or guardian to a review an adjustment of a support order if it has been 36 months or longer since the support order became effective or was last reviewed or there has been a 10% increase or decrease in income. The effective date of a modified child support order is generally defined as the date you request an administrative review through your child support agency, or the date you file a motion with the Court.

Some orders can be reviewed sooner than the required time frame if certain circumstances are met. Common reasons for a qualifying review include:

You have been unemployed or laid off, through no fault of your own, for at least 30 consecutive days.
You have experienced at least a 30 percent decrease in gross income of income-producing assets for a period of six months because of circumstances beyond your control, and you expect that decrease to continue for an extended period of time.
You can initiate the administrative adjustment and review process by submitting an application to the Child Support Enforcement Agency. An agent then considers your case by looking at both parties’ income information to see if child support should be changed or if health insurance should be added or changed.

If you disagree with the administrative review, you mist file in the appropriate court. Beware there are time deadlines to follow after the administrative review.

In today’s tough economic climate, it is imperative that should you become unemployed, you must seek immediate modification of your child support in order to stay in compliance with Court order. If you do not request a reduction you will be responsible for the original monthly amount. Discussing this matter with a qualified attorney can also help you determine the best possible arrangement for all involved.



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