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Monthly Archives: November 2013

What an Incarcerated Parent Needs to Know About Child Support and Visitation

All parents have rights and obligations to their children, even a parent who is incarcerated. Although complications may arise, it is still possible for the parent-child relationship to survive a prison term. An incarcerated parent needs to understand key aspects of child support obligations and visitation that could affect their situation. Child support payments If […]

Legal Steps to Finalizing an Adoption In Ohio

Earlier this year, in an article quoting Adam Perlman, Executive Director of the pre-eminent Evan B. Donaldson Adoption Institute, Reuters reported that over 50,000 children were adopted from within the country’s foster care system in the 2012 fiscal year. Once you have decided to adopt through a specific agency and have been approved as a […]

Life After Adoption: Strategies to Help New Parents Adjust

Adoption is a major life event that impacts on the lives and identities of both the adoptive parents and their child. The adoption process itself can be stressful, from decisions on which type of agency to use to how to respond to detailed home study questions. Once the initial difficulties are overcome and parents have […]

Five Steps to Making the Most of Single Fatherhood

There have been sweeping changes in recent years affecting divorced fathers and the time they spend with their children. Gone are the days of fathers seeing their children only on alternate weekends and vacations. In the last few decades, fathers have succeeded in securing increased involvement in parenting tasks after divorce, with shared decision-making over […]


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