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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Get Ready for the Meeting of Creditors

Declaring bankruptcy puts many debtors on a path to financial stability by clearing your debt and rebuilding your credit. The Bankruptcy Code, however, is complicated and some people get discouraged because the process can be difficult to understand and time consuming. Some aspects of the process, like the meeting of the creditors, may be intimidating […]

Where Divorce Meets Probate — Some Things to Consider

During the course of the divorce process, there are an overwhelming number of issues to resolve. Once the dust has settled — and it does eventually settle — there are some legal issues you must deal with. These include your will and other issues related to your estate plan. Many people either have no will […]

How to Get a Protection Order in Ohio

Last year’s heart-wrenching murder of 38-year-old Candace Roberts by her ex-husband outside her apartment in Grove City is a gruesome example of how volatile a person can be. This scenario is unfortunately familiar to the American public. Domestic violence is a pervasive societal ill and tends to increase when the economy is weak. There are […]

Elements of an Effective Parenting Plan

In the state of Ohio, there is a strong preference in the family court system that parents who are living apart nevertheless work together to form a parenting plan as a part of their divorce/dissolution.  The parenting plan includes agreeing on the details of the residence and financial support of their minor children.  The plan […]


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