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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Is it Time to Revise your Parenting Plan?

When divorced parents create a parenting plan, it is important to include an arrangement for periodically reviewing and revising the plan. Children grow, and as they do their needs change. Likewise parents go through changes and transitions that require adjustments in their shared parenting schedules. A periodic revision of the plan keeps parents and children […]

Kinship Adoption

The majority of domestic adoptions involve placement with grandparents and other relatives. In Ohio this is referred to as kinship adoption. There are a number of conditions that might lead a family member to assume temporary custody or guardianship of a child, include the illness, disability or absence of the parents, or allegations of child […]

Divorce and Mediation

Gone are the days when divorce has to be a courtroom affair. Many couples now find ways to divorce with grace and to maintain a civil relationship with their former spouse. Amicable divorce is clearly better for children than being caught between their fighting parents. Mediation Mediation is a conflict resolution tool that can be […]

Breaking-Up after 20 + Years of Marriage: Special Considerations for Grey Divorces

Divorce at any age can be difficult. Couples who decide to divorce after many years of marriage have to confront unique issues. Grey divorce, as it is termed, refers to marriage break-ups of older couples, over age 50 and had been in long-term marriages. Statistics show a growing trend and increasing rates of grey divorce […]

Shared Custody: Factors for Determining the Best Interest of the Child

Providing care for children usually remains the right and responsibility of both parents even after they divorce. Among the many issues facing divorcing couples is how they will continue to raise their children. In Ohio, the law provides for various types of arrangements to address custody of children. These arrangements define the legal relationship between […]


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